Maintenance Plans

I currently offer my clients a worry-free WordPress Maintenance Plan that includes updates, routine maintenance, backups and more to protect your site. Your website needs to be updated regularly to protect it from security vulnerabilities and outdated plugins. Let me make sure your website is in working order so you can worry less. Maintenance Plans also include a monthly client report to let you know how your site is doing as well as any tasks that may have been performed.

What’s Included?


All Maintenance Plans include hosting to create an all-in-one package to get your website online and in working order. All plans include the same features. No need to worry about missing out on options because of price tiers.


One of the most important tasks of having a website is keeping it updated. Your site’s WordPress Core, Plugins & Theme will be checked and updated to make sure everything is safe.


Your website will be cloud backed up off your server to make sure there is a safe copy ready to be applied if anything happens to your site.


Performance Check

Check your website’s page speed and performance regularly to make sure your website is loading correctly for your clients.

Security Check

Routinely checks your websites for any vulnerabilities and security issues to keep your site healthy and running smoothly.


Uptime Monitor

Monitors your website’s uptime or availability. Hosting has a 99% uptime, but if anything goes wrong it can be remedied to get you back up and running.

SEO Ranking

Gives you insights on your keyword ranking changes, your competitors, and how your website is ranking against them.

Link Monitor

Regularly scans your website for broken links so they can be easily identified and fixed. Don’t let your visitors get stuck with links going to nowhere.


Client Report

Get a monthly Client Report detailing all of the above listed scans and tasks so you can have a record of what has been performed on your website.

Ready to get started?

Message me to begin your website’s monthly Maintenance Plan and start taking care of your website today!